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LigaTie® is an absorbable medical device for use in soft tissue surgery. Its intended use is for ligation of vessels in order to create haemostasis. The design is based on the principle of a cable tie but with an improved design for surgery; the loop of the device closes similar to a zipper. This creates an excellent tissue grip of the device and enables the loop to close to a loop-end-diameter of zero.

The enhanced tissue grip reduces the risk of ligature slip-off, which otherwise can cause complications such as intra- and postoperative bleedings or airleaks.

The self-locking loop is easy for the surgeon to tighten, with a further advantage of creating a very safe ligature. If the vessel is embedded in soft tissue the device will compress the tissue caught in the loop. One size can therefore be used for all needs. For the surgeon, it is an alternative to surgical suture, clips or tissue sealing devices; on lungs, it is an alternative to staplers.

The device was developed in a research project in soft tissue surgery at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper / Department of Clinical Sciences  

The product and the inventor have been rewarded for this innovative work in Venture Cup and also by Traction Innovation Foundation.

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