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Frequently asked questions

Has it been tested clinically?
The functionality and safe use of the device are presently being tested in ongoing clinical trials.
Is it safe?
The results so far in clinical tests are excellent.
What is it made of?
A commonly used absorbable block co-polymer, same as surgical suture.
Is it commercially available?
Yes & No - presently, the access is limited and our main focus is on research and delivery of evidence. Please send us an e-mail!
Where does the name LigaTie come from?
The name was derived from ligate, to tie a ligature and from cable tie. A cable tie (also known as zip tie, zap strap, tie wrap, quick draw or mouse belt) is a disposable tool originally used for binding electronic cables together.

Contact details

Resorbable Devices AB
CEO Odd Viking Höglund, DVM, PhD
Ormvråksvägen 15

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Phone: +46703-29 89 50