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About Resorbable Devices AB

Images from video. The lung lobe was passed through the LigaTie® loop, the loop was tightened which compressed tissue, where after the lung lobe was removed. Link to video, video is open access. 

Cystic duct pressures after ligation with a novel absorbable device in an ex vivo caprine cholecystectomy model, by Sundholm Tepper et al, in The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, 2017;81:223-227

Ligation of the mesovarium in dogs with a self-locking implant of a resorbable polyglycolic based co-polymer: a study of feasability and comparison to suture ligation, by da Mota Costa et al in BMC Research Notes, April 2016

Ligation of the spermatic cord in dogs with a self-locking device of a resorbable polyglycolic based co-polymer – feasibility and long-term follow-up study, by Höglund et al in BMC Research Notes, November 2014 

The company Resorbable Devices AB is the owner of the patents of this medical device. The company also owns the registered trademark LigaTie®

The companies were founded by and are owned by Odd Viking Höglund, DVM, PhD, who is the inventor of the device and CEO of the companies. Link to LinkedIn. Link to CV-page at SLU.

Resorbable Devices AB is supported by the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre. – där kan du även läsa UICs årsberättelse.

The company has received support from Innovationsbron.

Contact details

Resorbable Devices AB
CEO Odd Viking Höglund, DVM, PhD
Ormvråksvägen 15

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Phone: +46703-29 89 50