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An absorbable medical device for surgery

Enhanced tissue grip

Enables quicker, easier and safer surgery

Closes fully to loop-diameter of zero

An absorbable medical device for ligation of tissue

Future of ligation – future of surgery

Soon in an operating theatre near you

New medical devices are developed to enable quicker, easier and safer surgery. This will reduce risk of complications and shorten time needed for recovery.

Absorbable/resorbable medical devices are left in the body where after they are safely resorbed by the tissue.

The innovative resorbable surgical products of the company are unique and protected by patent(s). Devices in development are intended for urology and orthopaedics. LigaTie® is initially intended for veterinary surgery and is clinically tested.

LigaTie 7.1LigaTie® resorbable self-locking loop.

Latest publications:

Laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy using a resorbable self‐locking loop device in dorsally recumbent horses. Bonomelli et al. Vet Surgery 2023

Video 1 -- Video 2

Evaluation of LigaTie device for total lung lobectomy in small breed dogs - An ex vivo study. Yu et al.  Research in Veterinary Science 2023

Resorbable self‐locking device for canine lung lobectomy: A clinical and experimental study

Video (open access) – link  

K Ishigaki et al. Vet Surgery 2021

K Ishigaki et al. Vet Surgery 2021: Open access, "read only"-link

Comparison of macroscopic resorption time for a self-locking device and suture material in ovarian pedicle ligation in dogs. da Mota Costa et al. Vet Record 2019

Evaluation of a resorbable self‐locking ligation device for performing peripheral lung biopsies in a caprine cadaveric model. Nylund et al. Vet Surg 2019

Thoracoscopic‐assisted lung lobectomy in cat cadavers using a resorbable self‐locking ligation device. Nylund et al. Vet Surg 2018

Resorbable Self-Locking Implant for Lung Lobectomy Through Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery: First Live Animal Application, by Guedes et al, Surgical Innovation, 2018-01-03

Video, Guedes et al:   Watch the operation (video is open access, access to journal is required to view publication).

Cystic duct pressures after ligation with a novel absorbable device in an ex vivo caprine cholecystectomy model, by Sundholm Tepper et al, in The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research, 2017;81:223-227

Ligation of the mesovarium in dogs with a self-locking implant of a resorbable polyglycolic based co-polymer: a study of feasability and comparison to suture ligation, by da Mota Costa et al in BMC Research Notes, April 2016

PhD thesis, development project and initial tests of LigaTie®: A resorbable device for ligation of blood vessels. Subtitle: Development, assessment of surgical procedures and clinical evaluation. 2012

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